Jacqueline Hoáng Nguyễn: Making an Archive

English / Svenska

The Making of an Archive is an initiative by artist Jacqueline Hoáng Nguyễn that, by raising marginalized voices and stories, examines the frameworks for how society writes, archives and recalls our shared history. What do we choose to archive, and thus goes on to become history? Making an Archive seeks to collect documentation of the daily lives of Swedish immigrants in order to investigate official and unofficial records and representations of multiculturalism in Sweden.

Hoáng Nguyễn’s work is often concerned with the limitations and biases of ”official” archival holdings, which prompted me to begin my own research by collecting of photographs (35mm or 120mm, slides, Polaroids) and stories of Swedish immigrants. The project was previously conducted in Canada and Grafikens Hus are proud to present the project in Södertälje.

Read more about the project on its official website.

Come digitalize your family albums!

Keep an eye out and come and visit our traveling caravan this summer and autumn, in which we are hosting digitization workshops and conversations with community members to preserve their histories. we offer digitization services solely for printed matters, not digital material, alongside with recording oral stories related to the documents. Digital copies will be given to the donor alongside with the photographs, while we collect the material into a restricted digital collection. We hope the archive will continue to grow over time with your contribution!