Grafikens Hus has received three-year support from the Swedish Arts Council to research and explore print and graphic collections in Sweden and internationally through a postcolonial and intersectional perspective. Together with artists and other experts, we want to investigate and formulate a vision for how a museum, like Grafikens Hus, can build a collection, with activation and accessibility. How can a collection become a meeting place for open and honest dialogue? How can it become a place for learning and innovative conversations? We want to investigate the history of the collection/archive in different ways and investigate what it means to collect today. 

The process leader and curator of the project is Mmabatho Thobejane. Read more about her thoughts about the project here.

Monthly Report

The monthly report documents the project from the perspective of the process leader and curator and is one of the ways those who are interested in the project and its process, can follow the Samlande tankar/Collecting Thoughts.

Latest Monthly Report: April 2022


Expert Council

The expert council is made up of eight members who together guide Collecting Thoughts philosophically, theoretically and practically and engaging artists through Artist-in-Residence.

Afrang Nordlöf Malekian
Munish Wadhia
Michael Barrett
Berta Guerra Aredal
Brita Lindvall Leitmann
Annika Gunnarsson
Camilla Burvall Terán
Åsa Bharathi Larsson

Public Program

We collaborate with institutions such as Konstfrämjandet, Stockholm Kvinnohistoriska and Statens Konstråd to present our investigations surrounding collections and collecting to audiences. 

Project Year 1 (2021-2022)

Questioning, Investigating, Looking Back

The first year of the project is dedicated to investigating collecting as a practice. We do this in collaboration with experts, artists and institutions that have collections. Additionally, we acquire knowledge that can help us make our own collection an inclusive place, consisting of a myriad of stories. Lastly, through the film series Ett talande arkiv, we look back at Grafikens Hus’s history and past collection.