Hadil Mohamed elected appointee to Call for Print!

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We are happy to announce the artist and illustrator Hadil Mohamed as elected appointee for the open call, Call for Print. We are excited to start the new collaboration with Hadil Mohamed, now the production phase of a new art work begins.

The applications were assessed by an appointed jury that included Tawanda Appiah, curator and writer, currently co-curating GIBCA Extended 2021, Catherine Anyango Grünewald, senior lecturer at the Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication/Graphic Design & Illustration at Konstfack and Niki Kralli Anell, guest curator at Grafikens Hus.

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The jury’s motivation: Hadil Mohamed 

Hadil Mohamed’s images work on many different levels, they are immediately attractive, and on closer inspection also narrate the complexity of the Black experience, both in terms of struggle and joy. Hadil Mohamed uses portraiture in a compelling way, always framing her subjects at the centre, and in their power. Her prints are vivid, textured and full of life!  

Through her artistic practice, we are intentionally led to reflect on the times we are living in. She is unafraid to speak critically about society, and at the same time connect with her audience positively through her sheer enthusiasm and enjoyment of her craft. The jury is impressed by the generosity of her storytelling, as this is one function of art: to frame experiences in a way that allows others to recognise that their stories matter.   

Hadil Mohamed’s active method of creating art digitally and sharing art digitally, is to make her images accessible to a wide audience. This concept interlinks with printmaking as an art form with its ability to reproduce art works and the will to disseminate art widely. The jury strongly believes that Hadil Mohamed’s practice contributes new narratives, and to the field of printmaking in particular. Electing Hadil Mohamed as appointee of the open call will hopefully inspire and benefit artistic experimentation by giving the possibility of trying out new working methods. 


A special mention to the following applicants:

Raul Leon Alvarez

Diane Assiri

Iris Hautaniemi 


Thanks to everyone applying to the open call!