”I was really interested in your work”


Daniel Feng had an internship at Grafikens Hus and is currently studying curatorial training at Stockholm University and is also studying at the The Royal Institute of Art.

Tell us about yourself and why did you apply to Grafikens Hus?

– My name is Daniel, I both make and study art. I’m currently studying at the curator course at Stockholm University, as well as fine arts at Mejan. I wanted to work at Grafikens Hus because I was really interested in your work and your ambitions to actively reexamine your position within knowledge production and collecting.

Which project has been most interesting to work on during your stay and what do you take with you?

– Tough question! Perhaps the most invested I’ve been in a project has been with the continuation of the Call for Print. Considering that it’s a continuous project, there is a lot of potential to explore and expand upon. It’s also been really interesting to follow the development of both The Borderless Platform, as well as Collecting Thoughts.

If you were to curate a program / exhibition what would it be about?

– For my current curation course, I’m currently writing about one that discusses phenomenology of non-white bodies in cultural institutions. Any exhibit that could highlight up and coming BIPOC and queer artists would be funjust to have more space for queer and BIPOC narratives to exist and be seen.