”Printmaking is a way of expressing myself”


Meet Lina Schwentke who recently had an internship with us at Grafikens Hus. We asked her a few questions about the projects she worked with. 

What made you say yes to the internship?

I said yes to an internship at Grafikens Hus because I’ve always been interested in printmaking as it has also been a big part of my studies. Printmaking is a way of expressing myself. I was really curious about getting an insight about your way of working and how you present and promote graphic art as well as being part of the project Barnens Löpsedlar and gain experiences in having a workshop with children.

You worked mainly with the project Barnens Löpsedlar but also with Konstshopen, what do you take with you after your time at Grafikens Hus?

It was interesting to see how to plan and prepare a workshop and then actively teach and encourage children to try out silkscreen printing. I found it also informative to see what belongs to the creation and organization of the Fine Art print shop.

How would you like to work with printmaking in the future?
I want to continue working with printmaking in my own artistic work as well as spreading the joy, excitement and skills of different printmaking techniques to others, for example in form of workshops and courses.