Rossana Mercado-Rojas is the winner of Call for Print 2022!

Svenska / English

This year’s Call for Print jury process has officially ended, and we are very happy to announce that the winner of Call for Print 2022 is Rossana Mercado-Rojas! Rossana will be collaborating with Grafikens Hus for a print edition. 

The jury for this call were Mmabatho Thobejane, producer for MDT, alongside multidisciplinary artist and designer Johnny Chang. The call itself was guest-curated by Daniel Feng.

This is what the Jury had to say about Rossana’s work:

Rossana’s work foregrounds collective and community enunciations, stories, and relations, often working through and with multiple voices to engage actively and directly with people and society in public space. We appreciated the critical, intersectional, and politicized attention toward conditions entangled with her own positionality across a broad sphere of social, cultural, and material production as well as everyday life. Where art and printmaking is often seen as the result of an independent individual’s origination, her work proposes to rather focus on the power art, performance, and print brings to collectivities and communities in struggle, as well as the agency it claims when occupying spaces. The visual vernacular speaks to and connects with different knowledges grounded in conditions and histories of Peru and the global south, working through decolonial feminist practices and collectivity to weave a kind of ritualistic intervention across materials, mediums, and spaces. 

With and as the collective Hysterix (Angélica Chávez Cáceres, Cecilia Rejtman, and Rossana Mercades-Rojas), Rossana has proposed to host collaborative sessions that will approach a print through a method of collective intervention as ritual. We are looking forward to seeing how their collective intervention will open up toward different processes of printmaking, and to the voices, presences, and enunciations they will share with us all.

Thank you to all of those that applied, and we hope to see you again for next year’s Call for Print!


Image credit by Anna Drvnik.